The S&P 500 (SPY) has been in the green for most of this week, with Wednesday's share return being set at +0.52%

Sector ETFs

The Energy Sector (XLE  ) has recently seen a 5-Day return of +4.86%. Stocks within this holding have been affected this week by the news of Saudi Arabia's new energy minister maintaining the country's limiting on crude exports to support revenue.

The Financial Sector (XLF  ) is seeing a 5-Day return of +4.17%. Bank ETFs have seen underperformance so far this year, but since banks borrow money at short-term rates and lend capital long-term, the movement of the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield has been benefiting this sector.

The Utilities Sector (XLU  ) has a 5-Day negative return of -1.07%. The Technology Sector (XLK  ) saw a 5-Day return of +1.63% with strengthening tech stocks being the driving force for investments. The Health Care Select Sector (XLV  ) has seen a 5-Day return of +1.54%

The Industrial Sector (XLI  ) has been seeing positive returns, with its 5-Day being set at +3.61%. This sector has the potential to be negatively affected in the coming months due to China and U.S. trade tariffs having a greater effect on this sector than compared to others. This sector is heavily reliant on industry and consumer services, so the coming weeks will tell how well this ETF will do for the year.

The Consumers Staples Select Sector (XLP  ) is seeing a negative 5-Day return of -0.97%, with the ETF being affected by many consumer stocks remaining in the red this week. On the opposite, the Consumer Discretionary Select Sector (XLY  ) has seen a 5-Day return of +2.45%.

Commodity ETFs

Gold (GLD  ) has seen a 5-Day return of -3.84%; gold has been fluctuating on the market recently with greater investor concern being focused on the global market and "safer" investments. The United States Oil Fund (USO  ) has seen prices heavily affected by the state of global trade and has seen a 5-Day return of -0.64%.

Currency ETFs

The U.S. Dollar Index (UUP  ) has seen small growth this week, with its 5-Day return at +0.28%