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News and Commentary
Material, Energy Stocks Surge on China Reopening Rumors From mid-October to the end of the month, stocks embarked on a nearly 10%+ bear market rally. Since then, we've traded in a choppy manner due to a combination of bullish and bear...
European Electricity Prices Decline as Ukraine Makes Advances Against Russia Central banks have faced many challenges over the past decade and in general, have possessed the right tools to achieve its job. While no one would argue that it's achieved optim...
Stock Market Outlook: Inflation Risk vs Recession Risk Over the past week, the stock market is up by about 7% from its recent lows. From one perspective, not much has happened as the S&P 500
Could Power Outages Come to the U.S.? It is pretty remarkable when considering that the United States of America is the wealthiest country in the world despite being one of the youngest. There are many reasons behind...
Is It Time to Invest in Alternative Energy Stocks? Crude oil prices are on the rise. From late February to mid-March, we spiked higher from $90 per barrel to over $135 per barrel as Russia's invasion of Ukraine became a reality,...
Rising Diesel/Gas Prices Threaten Economic Outlook The economy continues to face many challenges and headwinds with the most concerning being high and persistent levels of inflation, while growth shows signs of slipping. It's too...
Divergence Forming Between Stock Market, Earnings, and Economic Data An interesting divergence is brewing between the stock market, which seems to be increasingly concerned about growth, and corporate earnings and economic data, which are indicati...
Rising Oil Prices Drive Energy ETFs Higher Energy has been one of the top performing sectors in recent weeks, as sanctions on Russia by the U.S. and much of Europe has triggered a global oil-supply shock as the nation is...
Exxon Mobil 8% Higher Following Strong Q4 Earnings Exxon Mobil (XOM 
Is a 'Value to Growth' Rotation Occurring? Much of 2021's defining trade was the rotation from growth to value stocks. Of course, this only partially unwound a trade that has dominated for much of the past decade as growt...

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