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-0.81 | -1.39%
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12.00 M
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16.83 M
1 day
57.27 - 58.31
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53.36 - 73.12
market cap
10.20 B
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News and Commentary
ETF Update: Trade Tensions Endlessly Control Markets This week so far has proved to be another volatile time period for the stock market, with the U.S. China's chronic escalation of trade tensions that have led to a slowdown of eco...
Mid-Week ETF Update: October Starts in the Red U.S. stock markets have been continuing decline into Wednesday due to weak U.S. manufacturing data and various other global economic and political policy reports that are ignitin...
The Volatile Trade War Continues to Drive U.S. Markets As the U.S. and China trade war drones on, U.S. markets continue to swing back and forth following any newly released trade news. In similar fashion, the S&P 500 Index (SPY) and...
Mid-Week Update: Most Sectors are Turning Green The S&P 500 (SPY) has been in the green for most of this week, with Wednesday's share return being set at +0.52%Sector ETFs
Top-Down Analysis of Markets The markets have moved into the final stages of the first quarter, all with gains to report. Today we go over all the different areas to see how things are going.
Markets End Week Quietly The markets closed out the week with mostly small gains. The Dow 30 closed out the week higher by 58 and the S&P 500 closed higher by 2, but the Nasdaq 100 was lower by 17. Next...
Markets Continue to Plunge The markets traded on heavy volume again today, with brief attempts to go positive. The Dow 30 closed down on the day 545 thanks to a selloff in the big financial names ahead of...
Weakness Persists In ETFs So far this week the markets have basically held near the lows of the selloff that started last week. The S&P 500
Let the September volatility begin! The markets have started the month of September in true, historical fashion. September is typically a more volatile month and can be a down month as well. The S&P 500
Markets hit record highs helping ETF sectors. The markets have started strong again this week and the S&P 500 briefly broke to new highs on Tuesday. The S&P 500

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