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News and Commentary
ETF Update: Choppy Start to the Week The markets started the week with a push lower thanks to the problems in Turkey, which likely won't go away soon. With this news, the S&P 500
ETF's continue their win streak. The markets have continued on their win streak from last week. The S&P 500
Markets Remain Choppy at Highs The markets have started the week a little mixed with the S&P 500
Earnings help spur ETF growth The markets have started the week mostly higher thanks to strong earnings on almost every name that has reported. The S&P 500
Earnings moves markets so far this week. The markets continue to respond to earnings season with just about 9% of the companies reporting so far. The S&P 500
ETF performance this week. The markets have started the earnings season with a push higher as investors position ahead of what will very likely be an active earnings season. The S&P 500
A simple overview of the S&P 500 sectors. When the markets get volatile many investors like to look at the different sectors to see where opportunity may be. Today we will look at the different sectors of the S&P 500.
Volatility picks up into end of quarter. The markets started the week with a strong move lower following some concerns about White House comments on Chinese relations. The S&P 500
Trade war stirs up ETF's The markets have started this week with some weakness. The S&P 500
ETFs Moving Slow with Market Pause The markets started the week with all eyes on the Trump meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. But as it seemed more or less to be a prearranged media stunt, the markets t...

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