United States Oil Fund (AMEX: USO)

current price
0.18 | 1.43%
0.18 | 1.43%
Yesterday's Close
18.40 M
30d. avg volume.
22.63 M
1 day
12.60 - 12.82
52 weeks
8.65 - 13.30
Expense Ratio
market cap
2.05 B
dividend yield
News and Commentary
Energy was the driving factor today. The markets were higher today as they continue to set a new trading range here. Interest rates took the day off which allowed the Dow 30 to be higher by 163, the S&P 500 up 2, bu...
Sector ETF's on a wild ride this week. This week has been quite different for the markets as Monday and Tuesday went on record as the worst two days in over a year. The S&P 500
Market ETF's show signs of topping. Looking at the sector ETF's with a top down approach, technical traders placed their bets that a short term pullback is the next likely event. The Financials
Time to short oil? The price of crude oil as well as brent hit new, three year highs on Thursday and many are starting to take a closer look at the recent trend. Has oil moved too far too fast and...
Red hot markets continue higher. The markets have been red hot lately which has sent many sector ETF's running for highs as well. The S&P 500 ...
ETF investors a little unsure at highs. Weakness plagues the markets so far this week as the major indices pullback from record highs. After last weeks volatile moves which ultimately ended at highs the S&P 500...
ETF's show some weakness at highs. The markets have had a shaky start to the week but have held up well. The S&P 500
Market ETF's continue to show strength. The markets remain at highs so far this week with the S&P 500
ETFs respond to worry and caution. September has started in its historical weak fashion and the market ETFs show it clear as day. The S&P 500
ETF's respond to wild trading week so far. If you were to look at the raw numbers you might think the markets have been fairly flat this week. The S&P 500

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