SPDR Select Sector Fund - Health Care (AMEX: XLV)

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0.09 | 0.10%
0.09 | 0.10%
Yesterday's Close
11.55 M
30d. avg volume.
11.55 M
1 day
91.44 - 92.73
52 weeks
78.74 - 96.06
market cap
19.46 B
dividend yield
News and Commentary
ETF Weekly Update The markets have started the week off on a positive note, though investors are waiting to see how the highly publicized G20 meeting goes this weekend. President Trump is expected...
Earnings Reports Cause Wild Price Swings The markets have spent the first part of the week surging back from last week's aggressive selloff. Tuesday the S&P 500
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New record highs for a number of sector ETF's The markets start the week by pushing to new highs. The S&P 500
ETF Update: Choppy Start to the Week The markets started the week with a push lower thanks to the problems in Turkey, which likely won't go away soon. With this news, the S&P 500
Markets Remain Choppy at Highs The markets have started the week a little mixed with the S&P 500
Earnings help spur ETF growth The markets have started the week mostly higher thanks to strong earnings on almost every name that has reported. The S&P 500
Earnings moves markets so far this week. The markets continue to respond to earnings season with just about 9% of the companies reporting so far. The S&P 500
A simple overview of the S&P 500 sectors. When the markets get volatile many investors like to look at the different sectors to see where opportunity may be. Today we will look at the different sectors of the S&P 500.
Markets Higher Ahead of Tariff Launch The markets pushed higher today ahead of the tariffs on China, which go into effect tonight. Despite a slow news day for stocks, the Dow 30 closed higher by 181, the S&P 500 adde...

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