Apple Inc. (AAPL  ) is exploring the possibility of integrating multiple cameras into flexible devices. This innovative approach could potentially allow the capture of 3D or panoramic images by simply bending the device.

What Happened: Apple has revised a previously granted patent titled "Camera Systems For Bendable Electronic Devices".

The updated patent removes references to force sensors and input, focusing instead on the ability to alter camera functionality by bending the device.

The patent suggests that the device's curvature could enable panoramic or 3D imaging, depending on how the device is flexed. Apple's patent notes, "By reorienting the cameras by bending the housing, the camera can capture panoramic or three-dimensional images."

This patent reflects Apple's continuous research into this technology for various applications, including correcting distortions in panoramic image capture using multiple cameras pointed in different directions.

The patent's illustrations suggest potential applications for phones, wearables, and laptops. The key feature of this patent is a flexible housing with cameras on each side, which would not be limited to a watch band.

The updated patent credits Kathrine E. Tong, who has also been credited with patents on tracing real-world objects into 3D with a device such as the Apple Pencil and generating virtual Apple AR objects.

Why It Matters: This development is part of a series of innovative steps taken by Apple in recent years. In November, Apple was reportedly working on enhancing user privacy with cutting-edge screen technologies.

In July 2023, the tech giant filed a patent for a rollable iPhone, indicating its interest in flexible devices.

Most recently, in February, Apple filed a patent for a "Smart Ring" to enhance user interaction with digital elements in augmented reality (AR).

Price Action: Apple's stock closed at $173.36, up 0.08%, according to Benzinga Pro.