This week was a big week for Apple (AAPL  ). They held an event where they announced new products, updates and some ideas for the future. While most were focused on the phone, there was one product that could spell big disaster for names like Netflix (NFLX  ), Amazon (AMZN  ) and others.Apple released tvOS 9.2 and introduced support for folders for apps. Now, on the surface that may seem totally benign but under the surface we'll see why it's not only not benign, it's actually one of the most combative moves the company has ever made under any CEO. A simple quote from the Wall Street Journal should help put this in perspective:

"Think of Apple's fourth-generation box as a way to turn your TV into a giant iPhone."

In Barrons, Global Equities' Trip Chowdhry noted that the Apple TV platform is problem for Netflix, he argues, since in this Apple app ecosystem, Netflix would be just another app, or a "second-class citizen." Not good...

Sales estimates from a number of Wall Street analysts come in as high as 25 million Apple TVs to be sold in 2016 in a market that shows strong growth moving forward. On the latest earnings call, Tim Cook said:

"We had our best quarter by far for Apple TV sales, and the number of apps developed for Apple TV is growing rapidly."

Now here's the first part of seismic shift and after that, the combative attack on everyone, and Apple seems poised to win. Companies are developing home products to support Apple TV, nothing else. Apple TV is the next big move Apple is taking to bring its ecosystem into your home, literally everywhere.  

A company called Grid Connect launched new ConnectSense electrical plug sockets with integrated Wi-Fi that support control via Apple's Siri voice recognition system. So you can turn products on or off with just your voice Of course, the technology goes much further. Our physical homes are going to become the next market place and the Apple TV is now the front door.

Remember the eco-system...

As Apple executes with it's TV, Netflix is just an app. Youtube is an app. Cable is an app. The news is just an app. Music is an app. facebook is just an app.

And the provider, the hardware, the interactor, the bundler, the ecosystem - that's the Apple TV. That's tens or even hundreds of millions of subscribers paying our $30-$40 a month for cable and apps and the checks go to 'Apple, Inc.'