Last week, the world's largest chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSM  ) and major chip supplier to Apple (AAPL  ), stated that it would like to place an investment of around $100 billion over the course of the next three years to grow its manufacturing capacity amid the ongoing global semiconductor shortage.

TSMC told Reuters regarding this major change, "We are entering a period of higher growth as the multiyear megatrends of 5G and high-performance computing are expected to fuel strong demand for our semiconductor technologies in the next several years."

Due to the debilitating nature of the coronavirus pandemic, TSMC is preparing itself for more popularized demands for electronic devices, since in-person communications have become more and more scarce. This particular move has come about mainly because of shortages in semiconductor chips that have caused auto companies to cut down on production, but are now causing harm to creators of smartphones and laptops, as well as appliances.

In spite of the shortage, TSMC is doing quite well from the work-from-home policies that have been put into practice, mainly because people are taking their time to purchase laptops and other such equipment. TSMC Chief Executive Officer C.C. Wei, in a letter that was gathered by Bloomberg News, stated that the company's fabs have been "running at over 100% utilization over the past 12 months," but the demand was still more powerful than the supply.

As TSMC plans to invest further in their manufacturing, no matter how poorly the remainder of the industry is doing in terms of this, they will likely continue to thrive and to grow. Heading further in terms of the unknowns will only increase their ability to take risks and to challenge themselves to become greater and stronger assets within the industry, thus causing them to have higher success rates in the end.