The markets were lower today which many technical traders noted as expected due to the recent string of strong, positive days. The Dow 30 closed lower on the day by 14, the S&P 500 sold off 1 and the Nasdaq closed the day lower by 1 as tech stocks took a much needed breather. Given the sharp bounce off lows and no real geopolitical or corporate news to focus on investors were content to take some profit.

The tech sector (XLK  ) was one area that has been over extended in the short term which pulled back from highs today. Many tech stocks that saw sharp rallies off their lows also took the day off which held the broad markets back. Semiconductors (SMH  ) were also in the mix of stocks that took the day off as well.

As for individual stocks, recent IPO Beyond Meats (BYND  ) was back in focus today as it fell over 20%. The stock has been on a strong run recently but a downgrade from JP Morgan (JPM  ) which admitted that the stock was well over valued as of yesterday's highs caused investors to pull the plug in the short term.

Investors are also looking forward to Tesla's (TSLA  ) shareholder meeting which kicks off later today. Investors will be looking towards comments from CEO, Elon Musk about financial and delivery concerns for the rest of the year.

Tomorrow we have earnings from a few retailers. Lululemon (LULU  ) will report after the close along with high end furniture retailer Restoration Hardware (RH  ) Investors are expecting to hear more about any tariff issues that Restoration Hardware is experiencing.