Chipmaker Qualcomm (QCOM  ) has recently reached a partnership deal with Apple (AAPL  ) veteran-founded start up NUVIA for approximately $1.4 billion. Under the new partnership, Qualcomm plans to expand its market and place its technological devices into smartphones, laptops, and automotive processors.

The deal between Qualcomm and NUVIA represents a desire to maintain a "leading position in chip performance" after having experienced many years of stiff competition from other semiconductor producers, according to Reuters. Qualcomm wishes to make usage of NUVIA's processing systems, particularly in the areas of flagship smartphones, next-generation laptops, infotainment systems, and driver-assistance systems, among many others.

"It's exciting to see NUVIA join the Qualcomm team," said Panos Panay, Microsoft's (MSFT  ) chief product officer, in a press release. "Moving forward, we have an incredible opportunity to empower our customers across the Windows ecosystem."

The deal is especially powerful for Qualcomm because it will help them to steer away from Arm Ltd, which will soon be bought out by Nvidia Corp (NVDA  ), a long-time competitor of Qualcomm. It will also make room for certain areas in technology to compete more with other companies, such as the smartphone, Windows PC, and Automotive SoCs. Additionally, the deal enables Qualcomm to place NUVIA's CPU designs into action. Qualcomm wants to do all that it can, as a corporation, to move forward and grow more from where it is.

By propelling these NUVIA CPUs into action, Qualcomm will be able to power technological devices such as Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Lenovo (LNVGY  ) laptops, and General Motors (GM  ) cars. NUVIA has such a high level of performance when it comes to battery effectiveness that it will empower Qualcomm to become stronger and more efficient in this particular technological area. 5G will likely become more useful and more frequently used, which will in turn cause customers to utilize Qualcomm's services more often.

It has been found that NUVIA has also enabled Qualcomm to more strongly compete in the semiconductor market, which is dominated by chipmaking giants like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSM  ), Nvidia and Intel (INTC  ). There are many benefits that the deal between Qualcomm and NUVIA, with the pair working to build a strong platform for technology for consumer use.