Sister company to one of China's largest e-commerce companies, Temu, has topped the U.S. iOS App Store (AAPL  ) charts across all categories for free apps last month. The app, operated by China's e-commerce giant Pinduoduo (PDD  ), has also been the top free Android (GOOGL  ) app in the U.S. heading into this year's holiday shopping season.

Temu is essentially combining the broad range of interests found from Amazon (AMZN  ) with low costs found from Chinese fast fashion company Shein. Temu endorses partnerships with influencers and offers lengthy or avid customer reviews, which is similar to how Shein operates. Temu was listed at 39 on top iOS apps and is very popular among shoppers.

In terms of specific statistics, Temu has been downloaded and installed over 5 million times in the United States, according to sources like the Sensor Tower. This app receives most recognition from the United States, representing over 97% of the 5.2 million installations since it came out in August.

Temu wrote that "[As] a member of PDD Holdings, Temu works closely with its global network of suppliers and logistics partners to create and curate quality products for consumers to enjoy the conveniences and comforts of life."

There are many perks that customers can take advantage of, such as discounts on premium products, and its name indicates that this is the case. Temu means "team up, price down" and appeals to customers because of its connection with them, as well as its low price range.

To many people, Temu is a threat to commerce giants like Amazon. The company desires to put Amazon to the test and to compete with them, especially in terms of competitive price range.

"I think ByteDance and [Pinduoduo] are seizing an opportunity to apply their unique social commerce innovations," Jacob Cooke, CEO of WPIC, said in a statement.

The primary goal of Temu and other companies is to sell goods to overseas markets and customers. It is not only an e-commerce strategy, but also, a social commerce one, and not all companies are equipped to handle both.