NVIDIA Corp (NVDA  ) is emerging as a key player in the global drive for 'Sovereign AI' as nations seek to develop independent AI capabilities, a trend that could significantly boost the company's long-term growth.

What Happened: During the first quarter earnings call, Nvidia executives highlighted the company's pivotal role in powering national AI initiatives worldwide.

Nvidia CFO Colette Kress noted, "Sovereign AI refers to a nation's capabilities to produce artificial intelligence using its own infrastructure, data, workforce and business networks."

Kress elaborated that nations are pursuing diverse models for Sovereign AI buildouts. "Some are procuring and operating Sovereign AI clouds in collaboration with state-owned telecommunication providers or utilities. Others are sponsoring local cloud partners to provide a shared AI computing platform for public and private sector use."

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has long advocated that leadership in AI will be pivotal to national prosperity in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In first quarter prepared remarks, he emphasized, "The importance of AI has caught the attention of every nation."

As the generative AI era ignites globally, Nvidia finds itself supplying the crucial architectures, hardware, and expertise to empower countries' quests for autonomous AI development and self-determination.

Examples of this trend are rapidly emerging worldwide. Japan, for instance, plans to invest over $740 million in domestic AI infrastructure providers like KDDI, Sakura Internet, and SoftBank. Meanwhile, France-based Scaleway is constructing Europe's "most powerful cloud-native AI supercomputer." Italy's Swisscom Group will host that nation's first supercomputer for training Italian language models.

Why It Matters: This development comes on the heels of Nvidia's doubling down on the AI future with Blackwell, priming for the trillion-parameter era. The company's CEO, Jensen Huang, has long emphasized the importance of AI in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a sentiment echoed by analysts who predict that the AI revolution will lead to trillion-dollar valuations in tech.

Despite the global economic uncertainty, Nvidia has continued to steer the market with its strong performance. The company recently reported beat-and-raise first quarter earnings, announcing a 150% dividend hike and a 10-for-1 stock split, further solidifying its position as a market leader.

Price Action: Nvidia shares ended Wednesday's regular session 0.46% lower at $949.50. However, the shares soared 6.06% in the after-hours trading at $1,007, according to the data from Benzinga Pro.