Microsoft (MSFT  ) recently announced that it would acquire TakeLessons, which is a platform for students to relate to tutors in topics like music, language, academia, and professional training. The tutors will then be able to arrange the lessons that they administer, in an online as well as in person format.

The specific terms of the deal have not been revealed, but TakeLessons has been known to raise nearly $20 million from a variety of VCs and people such as LightBank, Uncork Capital, and Crosslink Capital.

On its website, TakeLessons placed a note in a Question & Answer format that verified the details of the deal. It stated that it would keep handling business normally with the ultimate goal of taking it to a broader audience. These days, TakeLessons provides instruction in various areas, but the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the lessons to be conducted mainly in online settings only. The lessons remaining are being provided on a one-on-one setting; however, students are still able to partake in various group lessons through the "Live" platform.

Microsoft is mainly taking advantage of the opportunity to participate in online education, since this particular avenue is becoming more of the norm on a worldwide basis. Around the world, various schools are striving for stronger online learning experiences in order to maintain remote learning, particularly throughout these times of lockdown and quarantine. Educators and families have especially been utilizing and paying for various tools, and Microsoft has been insisting that Teams becomes a leader in that specific arena.

A great deal of competition has also been created, which includes the usage of Google Classroom, and a broad range of more targeted solutions for purposes such as video lessons, applications for the purposes of lesson and homework planning, and so on.

The introduction of TakeLessons, a platform for students to relate to tutors in various subject areas, has been brought about by Microsoft in order to create a stronger sense of education, in both an online and in person format. This will surely enhance the world of learning, especially in an online respect because of the pandemic, which will ultimately bring about a greater sense of accomplishment.