JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPM  ) is actively engaging with U.S. regulators to navigate the complexities of implementing generative AI in banking.

The firm is educating regulators on building and controlling AI models, including potential risks. Lori Beer, the bank's global CIO, emphasizes the importance of early regulator engagement to align on oversight expectations, Bloomberg reports.

The bank is exploring AI's potential to revolutionize various operations, as CEO Jamie Dimon noted AI's transformative impact. Current pilot projects include AI-generated earnings summaries and an AI-powered helpdesk that offers step-by-step solutions.

Beer, who manages a massive tech budget and workforce, is optimistic about AI's role in banking, which McKinsey & Co Inc estimates could add up to $340 billion annually in value through efficiency gains. Despite the excitement, Beer acknowledges the challenges in ensuring AI's reliability and safeguarding sensitive data.

JPMorgan's proactive approach includes trademarking potential AI products like IndexGPT and developing tools to analyze Federal Reserve communications for trading insights. The bank's careful strategy reflects a broader industry trend where financial giants like Morgan Stanley (MS  ), Goldman Sachs Group, Inc (GS  ), and Citigroup, Inc (C  ) leverage AI for various functions.

The bank's focus on AI extends to addressing "hallucination" issues in AI responses and establishing robust controls before deploying AI solutions.

Price Action: JPM shares traded higher by 0.05% at $144.79 on the last check Thursday.