Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE: GS)

current price
-1.99 | -0.96%
-1.99 | -0.96%
Yesterday's Close
2.87 M
30d. avg volume.
3.21 M
1 day
205.15 - 207.86
52 weeks
151.70 - 256.16
market cap
75.52 B
dividend yield
News and Commentary
Markets Start Lower on Earnings Mix The markets started the week off on the downside thanks to the start of earnings season. Reports from the big banks came in mixed overall, which caused investors to take pause as...
MMT's Appeal to Wall Street Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is a heterodox Post-Keynesian economic theory scaring the political establishment, thanks to its resurge...
Markets Higher on Earnings and China Data The markets blasted off today starting with a strong move overnight thanks to China export numbers coming in much better than expected. This continued the rally on the U.S. open...
Stock Market Positive at Quarter’s End The markets enjoyed a positive day today thanks in part to favorable US-China trade news and a slowdown in the decline of bond yields. The Dow 30 closed the day higher by 91, the...
Why some banks suffered more than others. Last week we saw a lot of interesting action in the broad markets as well as the individual sectors. The Federal Reserve announced their decision that they would likely leave int...
Bank Earnings Give Markets a Boost The markets closed higher yet again thanks to the earnings reports from big banks. The Dow 30 closed higher by 141, the S&P 500 added 5, and the Nasdaq 100 closed higher on the d...
Stock Market Soars to Close Out Week The markets reversed their sentiment today after yesterday's nasty decline. Excellent jobs numbers and Fed comments helped hold markets to their highs of the day, completely eras...
Worst Week for Stocks Since the Great Recession With the Dow and S&P 500 plunging by almost 8% on Monday, the marke...
Stock Market Selloff Continues The markets sold off yet again today as the decline continues to rapidly push to new lows. Today the markets tried to get a little rally off the lows as the Fed commented that th...
Robinhood's Plan for 3% Yielding Accounts Creates Controversy On December 13, Robinhood announced on its blog plans to offer cu...

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