This week's IPO in focus is the recently priced Peloton Interactive, Inc. (PTON  ). Peloton is a stationary bicycle and treadmill company that sells exercise equipment that has screens connected to the internet that, along with subscription options, let users participate in various virtual fitness classes. Peloton's bicycles start at $2,245 and the treadmill begins at $4,295. Peloton's initial shareholding price was priced high at $29 per share with 40 million shares raised. The IPO was released on September 26, running on the NASDAQ under the symbol PTON.

On its first day of trading, Peloton opened at $27, which was $2 below its IPO price, and took a downturn of 11.2%. The company's Chief Financial Officer Jill Woodwroth stated that the company wished "the stock traded better on the first day, but we're in it for the long haul and are excited for capital to continue to grow our business." Peloton plans for new products and software, as well as international growth.

Recently Priced

Oportun Financial Corporation (OPRT  ) was also priced on September 26, trading on the NASDAQ under the ticker OPRT. The IPO with initially priced at $15 per share with 6.25 million shares in its public offering.


All upcoming IPOs are set to price on October 3.

ADC Therapeutics SA is in line to be priced this week, with individual stock prices being in the range of $23-$26. The IPO is planning to run on the NYSE under the symbol ADCT with 8,164,000 shares in its offering.

Aprea Therapeutics, Inc. is set to debut this week on the NASDAQ under the proposed symbol APRE. This stock is estimated to be priced in the $14-$16 range with 5 million shares within its public offering.

Frequency Therapeutics, Inc. will be priced this week to trade on the NASDAQ under the stock symbol FREQ. The IPO is estimated to be priced in the normal $14-$15 range with 6.7 million shares currently in its public offering.

Metrocity Bankshares, Inc. will also begin trading this week on the NASDAQ, though the company does not have a proposed stock symbol announced yet. The stock is set to be priced within the $14.50-$16.50 range with 1,939,000 shares.

Viela Bio, Inc. will be priced to run on the NASDAQ under the ticker VIE. The stock will be priced in the range of $19-$21 with 7.5 million current shares.