As per usual, the IPO markets have gone on holiday vacation. If there ever was a year where an IPO would try to price in the last few weeks, this is certainly not the year. The recent market volatility led to many IPOs delaying their offering until the waters calm.

IPO investors will turn their attention to the performance of recent IPOs in hopes of finding a decent entry price, as well as look forward to the next year and all the possibilities. There are many big-name companies that will likely go public next year which are almost all going to gain media attention.

It will be the year of the disruptor companies going public. Expect to see IPOs from the two ridesharing companies here in the States: Uber and Lyft. Each company has wide differences in price and valuation. They're expected to launch early in 2019. Popular hotel disruptor, Airbnb is also expected to go public in the first half of the year. You could also see names like Slack and a few fintech companies offer themselves up as well.

While the rest of this year will be silent from the IPO markets, think of it as a brief lull before what will likely be a bountiful list of offerings in 2019.