As expected, and is usual, there were no IPO's that came to market last week. This came as no surprise to the IPO analysts as this is the typical, seasonal slowdown for the IPO markets. Going forward into this week the same is expected. This does not mean however that the IPO markets are shut down. There are still names that are getting their filings submitted in anticipation of launching in the coming weeks. Following the Labor Day holiday, the push that follows into the end of the year will set the tone, and expectations for the 2018 IPO markets.

Currently there are 32 names that are in the process of coming to market. While we don't expect any of them to launch this week, it gives you an idea as to the number of companies that are waiting in the wings for just the right moment.

So what about the health of the IPO markets this year so far? Well, at this point we have seen 92 successful IPO launches and combined, they have raised a total of just over $22 billion. One bright spot is the stat that tells us how many are trading above their offering price. At this point last year just over 50% were trading above offer. This year we have 64% of IPO's that are currently trading higher than their initial offering price. The average return is also at an impressive 11.2%. The returns have really picked up since June. If we look at the average return of the 30 IPO's since June we see a 16.3% gain.

While there will be no offerings this week, analysts say to keep an eye on filings again. This will be the only indicator of things to come until after the Labor Day holiday.