In its latest advancement, Google (GOOG  ) (GOOGL  ) has commenced the rollout of its first-ever AI Core update, specifically targeting the Pixel 8 Pro smartphone.

What Happened: Google has launched an update for its AI Core app on Pixel 8 Pro devices, reported 9to5Google. The AI Core, which is detailed on the Google Play Store, powers features throughout Android and allows apps to utilize contemporary AI models.

Following the Android 14 update, Pixel phones and tablets, including Tensor devices, have housed a placeholder for AI Core, a background service with which users do not directly engage. This update unlocks the "AICore Persistent" feature, enabling AI Core to reserve memory and run continuously. However, it is recommended that this feature remains disabled for end users.

The update is being deployed to all Pixel 8 Pro devices operating on both stable and beta (QPR1 + QPR2) releases. The app version is upgraded from 0.release.539035001 to 0.release.582652206. As of now, the update is exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro model, with no word on updates for the Pixel 8 or previous devices.

Why It Matters: This update comes after Google's launch of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones earlier in October, featuring the Tensor G3 chipset and a number of camera enhancements. The rollout of the AI Core update underlines Google's commitment to enhancing the user experience on its devices, particularly with the incorporation of advanced AI capabilities. The specific targeting of the Pixel 8 Pro for this update may signify Google's focus on promoting its latest device offerings.