To improve and streamline its data migration processes, Google (GOOGL  ) has just acquired cloud migration company Alooma.

Alooma is based in Israel and California, and essentially helps consolidate, mobilize, and transport data from multiple sources to the cloud. It has previously raised around $15 million in funding, though the amount that Google acquired Alooma for still remains undisclosed.

"The addition of Alooma, subject to closing conditions, is a natural fit that allows us to offer customers a streamlined, automated migration experience to Google Cloud," Google said, "and give them access to our full range of database services, from managed open source database offerings to solutions like Cloud Spanner and Cloud Bigtable. This simplified migration path also opens the door for customers to take advantage of all the technologies we have to offer, including analytics, security, AI and machine learning."

Google itself has multiple open source database solutions like Cloud Spanner and Cloud Bigtable. The acquisition will complement the myriad services Google offers, as it is a pipeline service that could entice consumers to explore more. Some of the other technologies Google offers includes analytics, security, AI, and machine learning.

Alooma also issued a statement announcing the acquisition: "Data is the lifeblood of business and has only become more important as the volume of information the world produces grows. We've spent the last five years pioneering a seamless system for bringing all that information together quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly for businesses of all shapes and sizes. And today, we are thrilled to share that Alooma has entered into an agreement to join Google Cloud to further this effort, subject to customary closing conditions."

For Alooma, the move will allow them to transform into a full self-service database by leveraging Google's in-house tech expertise and large scale. The acquisition has been the culmination of a natural integration with Google over the years, from Google Ads and Analytics to Cloud Spanner and BigQuery.

Given that Alooma has over a thousand consumers and partners, Google will also be able to boast a new and expanded consumer base in the form of Alooma's already-existing loyalists.