In Facebook's (FB  ) most recent news, it will be soon be releasing a feature known as Portal video-calling devices, as well as another new service.

Facebook first unleashed the portal devices in 2018, but it has not made known any number of sales. As businesses, however, anticipate on going back to the offices, Facebook is taking advantage of reconnecting with coworkers or loved ones via video calls. This will also create competition with Amazon's (AMZN  ) Echo Show and Google's (GOOGL  ) Nest Hub.

One of the new models created by Facebook is the Portal Go, which is priced at $199 and contains a 10-inch screen that can be utilized around the house. In addition, the Portal Go specializes in a carrying handle as well as five-hour lasting battery power. Some other features include one-on-one calling on the Messenger app and 14 listening hours with the screen off.

Facebook is also coming out with a brand new edition of Portal+, which will sell for $349, and contain a feature of a 14-inch display that can go either forward or backward. This particular Portal+ was made for the purpose of being set nearby individuals' computers for video calls.

Since Facebook will be collaborating with Microsoft (MSFT  ) Teams, Facebook believes that this is a prime instance of how Portal will be strictly utilized as a video conferencing service for those who are working remotely. In the following year, it will come out with a program to allow companies to make orders in bulk as well as to run Portals that can be utilized without Facebook or WhatsApp.

"We're really looking ahead to the future of hybrid work," Micah Collins, Facebook's director of product management for Portal, told The Verge during a virtual briefing this past week.

Portal video-calling devices, brought about by the social media platform of Facebook, have been introduced as a new commodity, though they have existed since 2018. They will surely bring about a level of convenience and social interaction that had not been experienced before, which will allure further individuals to the platform and create more business for Facebook's new product.