This week we have 8 names up for their IPO's. All together the companies will be looking for $2.1 billion and all come from different sectors of the markets.

First up, and the largest offering of the week is BP Midstream Partners LP (BPMP  ). This is a master limited partnership in the crude oil space. The Company which was formed by BP hopes to benefit from fee based contracts in the oil pipeline arena. They will offer 42 million shares at a price range of $19 - 21 in hopes of raising $850 million.

Next we have Nexa Resources (NEXA  ) which is looking for $605 million. This company is the leading miner of zinc in Brazil and will be offering 31 million shares at a range of $18 - 21. This will be a dual listing on both the NYSE as well as the TSX.

The smallest offerings of the week are still looking to raise $100 million. ForeScout Technologies (FSCT  ) provides enterprise security software and will be offering 4.8 million shares at a range of $20 - $22. The company shows strong sales growth for the first half of the year as well as high net revenue.

The other small offering of the week is Merchants Bancorp (MBIN  ). They are an Indiana based bank which is focused on FHA loans and mortgage financing in the warehouse space. They are also looking for $100 million and will offer 5.5 million shares at a range of $17 - $19. The company has grown its overall deposits by focusing on low cost, online structure to keep costs down.

CM Seven Star Acquisition (CMSSU  ) is a Chinese blank check company looking for $150 million. Very little is known about their intentions, but they will come to market with 15 million shares offered at $10.

Haymaker Acquisition (HAYU  ) is another blank check company looking for $300 million. The New York company will look to acquire and operate a specific, unnamed business in the consumer products industry. Management of the company includes the former CEO of Starwood hotels. They will offer 37.5 million shares at $10.

Ablynx (ABLX  ) is a Belgium based biotech that is developing antibodies for a list of different diseases. The company is looking for $150 million and will be offering 7.8 million shares at $19.08.

National Vision Holdings (EYE  ) is looking for $300 million by offering 15.8 million shares at a range of $18 - $20. With 980 stores they are the leading, discount optical retailer and eye care provider based in Duluth, GA. The company has seen steady growth but analysts continue to show concern over the company's debt load.