The World Health Organization reported on Tuesday the case fatality rate for COVID-19 is higher than previous estimates. "Globally, about 3.4% of reported COVID-19 cases have died," director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated. "This is a unique virus, with unique feature. This virus is not influenza. We are in uncharted territory."

The largest flight attendants union in the U.S., the Association of Flight Attendants, is seeking protections for its members. Members are calling for pay and benefits for those that may become sick with COVID-19 in the future. "Airlines and the industry, not all consistently, have implemented some of the recommendations," stated the union, which represents 50,000 attendants including those from United Airlines (UAL  ), Alaska Airlines (ALK  ) and Spirit Airlines (SAVE  ). "In general, the industry has far exceeded government instruction, but a coordinated, through response from our government is what is needed."

Total Number of Cases: over 91,300

Total Number of Deaths: over 3,100

Total Recovered: over 48,000

What Officials are Saying:

The World Bank approved $12 billion in emergency financing to help nations with underdeveloped health systems. "We are working to provide a fast, flexible response based on developing country needs in dealing with the spread of COVID-19," World Bank Group President David Malpass said in a statement.

The World Health Organization officials have called on the medical supply manufactured to increase produced to meet global demand. "Supplies are rapidly depleting. WHO estimates that, each month, 89 million medical masks will be required for the COVID-19 response, 76 million examination gloves and 1.6 million goggles," director Tedros Adhanom Ghedbreyesus stated on Tuesday. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently does not recommend the use of face masks for general public prevention of COVID-19.

Top CDC official says that it is only a manner of time before the WHO declares COVID-19 a global pandemic. "It is a new virus, and it it capable of person-to-person spread," principal deputy director of the CDC Dr. Anne Schuchat stated. "It sustained person-to-person spread in the community take hold outside China, it will increase the likelihood that the WHO will deem it a global pandemic."

Tracking the Spread:

For North America, the United States has reported a total of 108 cases and 9 deaths. Canada has also reported 2 new cases, bringing the country's total to 29.

For Europe, Italy has reported 466 new case and 27 new deaths, for a total of 2,502 cased and 79 deaths. Spain has reported its first death and has added 45 new cases to its now total of 165. France has announced 13 new cases as well as one death. Germany has reported 31 new cases, the U.K. reported 12, Sweden reported 9, Norway has 7, Austria has 6, Belgium has 5, the Netherland have 6, San Marino, Denmark and Iceland have two, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Romania have announce one new case. The Ukraine and Liechtenstein have both announced their first case Tuesday.

For the Middle East, Iran has reported 835 new cases and 11 new deaths. Iraq has announced 5 new cases and Qatar and Oman have reported new cases that are linked to travel to Iran. Pakistan has also announced one new case on Tuesday.

For Asia, South Korea has reported 851 new cases and 4 new deaths. China has only reported 125 new case and 31 deaths. China has also heighten travel restrictions from its capital Beijing, calling for travelers from South Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy to be isolated and places on a two-week quarantine upon their arrival. Malaysia has reported 7 new cases, Japan announced 19, Singapore has two, and Taiwan and Hong Kong both have one new case.

For the rest of the world, Australia has reported 6 new cases and Ecuador has reported one.