American Airlines (AAL  ) over the weekend announced that it is suspending flights to and from Milan, Italy from both New York and Miami from March 1, 2020 until April 25, 2020 due to reduced demand. The airline's announcement came after the U.S. State Department had raised its travel warning to 'Level 4: Do Not Travel' for parts of Italy and South Korea and banned travel to Iran.

Total Number of Cases: 90,308

Total Deaths: 3,087

Total Recovered Cases: 45,707

What Officials are Saying:

Dr. Matt McCarthy, a staff physician at New York-Presbyterian, gave a harrowing statement on the state of coronavirus testing in New York City, stating: "I am here to tell you, right now, at one of the busiest hospitals in the country, I don't have [a rapid diagnostic test] at my finger tips...I still have to make my case, plead to test people. This is not good. We know that there are 88 cases in the United States. There are going to be hundreds by the middle of the week. There's going to be thousands by next week. And this is a testing issue...They're testing 10,000 a day in some countries and [the U.S.] can't get this off the ground."

The World Health Organization found on Monday that the number of new coronavirus cases outside China were almost 9 times higher than that inside of the origin country over the last 24 hours. "The sudden increases of cases in Italy, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Korea are deeply concerning," WHO direct Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is planning for the possibility that President Donald Trump could make an emergency declaration to bring in extra funds and personnel to assist the administration's coronavirus response.

Ron Nirenberg, mayor of San Antonio, Texas, has declared his city to be in a state of public health emergency after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a woman from quarantine who later tested positive for COVID-19. "As mayor of this city, I find it totally unacceptable that CDC would release a patient prior to receiving all test results and potentially expose the public to this harm."

President Donald Trump said his administration has asked pharmaceutical companies to accelerate their work on the developing a coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible, but did not release any further details. Recent reports from top U.S. health officials have said that a vaccine for the virus is up to 18 months away.

Tracking the Spread:

Over the weekend, Ecuador, Qatar, Luxembourg, Ireland, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Armenia, Scotland and Czech Republic all reported at least their first case of COVID-19. South Korea, Iran, Italy, Thailand, Australia, San Marino, and the United States all reported at least one death. Alarmingly for the United States, recent cases in Washington State, Oregon and California are suggesting that the virus is spreading at a local level as more confirmed cases of those who have had no travel history to outbreak areas rise.

Latest Updates: the United States has announced 21 new cases and 4 deaths, with most of the outbreak taking place on the west coast. New York City and the state of Florida have announced their first confirmed cases today. For the rest of North America, Ontario, Canada has announced three new cases, bringing the providences total to 18.

For Europe, Italy has announce 335 new cases and 11 new deaths, bring the country's total cases to 2,036 and total deaths to 52. France is also showing signs of a larger outbreak, with the nation reporting 61 new cases and 1 death on Monday. France's total confirmed cases is now almost 200. Spain has reported 36 new cases, with the nation's outbreak total now over 100. The U.K. announced four new cases, with Professor Paul Cosford from Public Health England telling BBCNews that, "it is likely that we will see in due course wide spread transmission in the U.K. What we don't know is exactly how wide spread that will be."

Portugal announced its first two cases today, with one linked to travel to Italy and the other travel to Spain. Belgium has announced 6 new cases, all from travel to Italy. Germany has announced 27 new cases The Netherlands have reported 8 new cases tied back to travel in Italy. Iceland has reported 3 new cases and Croatia reported one new case, all tracing back to travel to Italy. Sweden has also announced a new case. The small country of Andorra has announced its first case, with health authorities noting that the patient's symptoms are mild. Latvia has also announced its first case, but did not disclose details.

For Asia, South Korea has announced 599 new cases and 5 deaths. China's Hubei outbreak has dramatically slowed, with the nation only reporting 202 new cases and 42 deaths. For the rest of Asia, Japan has reported 18 new cases, Russia reported Moscow's first case, Taiwan announced one, Singapore announce 2 new cases as well as 4 discharges, India has reported two cases and Thailand has reported one for Monday.

For the Middle East, Iran has reported 523 new cases and 12 deaths. Saudi Arabia has reported its first case, linked to travel in Iran. Bahrain has announced two connected to Iran. Qatar announced 4, Lebanon has 3, Iraq has 2, Kuwait announced 10, Jordan and Morocco have announced their first cases, connected to the outbreak in Italy.

For Africa, Senegal and Tunisia have announced their first cases, with Tunisia's resulting from travel to Italy.

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