Historically, when markets trend higher for years on end it makes people want to try their hand at day trading. It has been many years since I have had the question come up so much. The average person who is content with their current career path is suddenly interested in day trading. Questions about income possibilities, and capital needed to start are some of the more common questions. Some people think as far as asking where they can find reputable help. The main focus is, can you make consistent income day trading?

There are many ways to make money in the markets. Right now the long term investor has the easiest job as the markets just keep pushing higher and higher. Also, the bitcoin traders are shouting success from the roof tops but who knows how long that may last. If one were to choose day trading stocks there are a few concerns I would have before I answered the question.

Most new traders think you just find ways to buy low and sell high just a few minutes later, and while that may be a strategy you have to know which stocks to deploy that on and which ones to avoid.

Also you have to be someone that can honestly track your statistics. There will be many times where you think your strategy is failing when in reality it's just a temporary failure. A good record of your stats will help you identify this.

And lastly there is the issue of money management. How will you day trade? Will you look for many small wins in exchange for small losses, or will you patiently wait for the big winner but be willing to risk more.

In short, yes you can make consistent income trading the markets with enough capital or leverage on your side. But if you think you will always have it as easy as this current market is giving it to you, you will be disappointed.