Many companies are swiftly applying ways to combat the effects of Covid to keep their corporate heads above water, and the pet industry is no exception. Many Americans have turned to online shopping and invested in making their home well, homier. And those with pets have been doting on them as well. Unfortunately, while doctors visits are risky, pets haven't been able to go to their vets as often, which has lead to popular pet company Chewy (CHWY  ) to launch a telehealth service for everyone's favorite family member at home.

Thanks to Chewy, their customers can get real-time advice from a licensed veterinarian on their cats and dogs in the comfort of their own home. Their service is called "Connect-with-a-Vet" is free for Chewy customers that are already part of Autoship, the company's subscription program that lets customers automatically have food, toys and other pet goods delivered on a regular basis.

While the company had already been considering their telehealth service when Covid hit. So instead of having to quickly come together, the company simply expedited their already built system and set it up for their customer base and anyone looking to join their subscription. In Chewy's favor, many people have been buying and adopting pets to keep them company at home. So while more Americans turn into pet owners and clinics are overwhelmed with their already minimum or half capacity, Chewy has the perfect market to step into in terms of pet health.

Chewy began testing for its in-home vet service in Florida and Massachusetts in May, while vets offered guidance on pets to those with subscriptions, they would also encourage pet owners to see emergency clinic visits when they were likely to need it. They do not, however, diagnose conditions or prescribe medications. The service does its best when helping with common concerns, like puppies getting into food that they shouldn't be eating or cats with skin irritations.

The company also noted that its great to ease fears and keep peace of mind for pet owners that have a minor emergency late at night or on a weekend. Instead of worrying for days over their pet or not getting their pets the help they need right away, they have a professional to reach out to and see what the problem might be, or if an emergency visit would be needed.

For now, Chewy's service will be available in 35 states, with vets available online during weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET. The company already has plans to expand this service across the country and even be able to serve pets past cats and dogs. They also plan to be able to have longer hours depending on the demand they see during the initial start.