The German automaker BMW (BMWYY  ), at the CES 2022 technology conference this past week, revealed that its concept for a new color-changing vehicle known as the iX flow. This car also contains 31-inch "BMW Theatre Screens" that have Amazon Fire (AMZN  ), and will be part of the making of future vehicles.

According to the BMW automaker, the car will not be accessible at local BMW dealerships in the near future, because this technology is merely "an advanced research and design project."

There are a variety of colors that can be observed on the iX flow vehicle for its color-changing feature. The only ones that can currently be used are black, white, or grey. Even if the color palette does not exactly have a wide variety, BMW still believes that the changing color scheme could be effective in terms of the usefulness of the BMW itself.

BMW said in a recent statement, "A white surface reflects a lot more sunlight than a black one. By implication, heating of the vehicle and passenger compartment as a result of strong sunlight and high outside temperatures can be reduced by changing the exterior to a light color. In cooler weather, darker tones will help the vehicle to absorb more warmth from the sun."

There are many ways that these iX flow vehicles could potentially become triggered to have a color change, such as through the electrical signals brought about through a phone app. These signals externally provide various hues and colorations, which then bring on a series of shades or designs, like racing stripes.

One of the core reasons that the BMW automaker company is making the move to create these types of vehicles is that the idea of "personalization" is becoming increasingly renowned within the vehicle industry as a whole. Usually, with other companies or vehicles, this personalization takes place on the inside of the vehicle. But BMW is making the move to personalize the outside of the car, which makes it stand out a bit from other automaker companies.

BMW may create a sense of intrigue and speculation with the creation of the iX flow vehicle. Its feature of having a color-changing scheme makes the experience more personalized, given that the automotive industry is making more efforts to emphasize this aspect of cars.