Beyond Meat (BYND  ) will soon release meatless chicken tenders across various grocery stores. The creator of these meatless tenders made it known to the public that the meatless chicken tenders would be sold in stores across the nation beginning in October.

This particular new version of the meat utilizes faba beans as the primary source of protein.

"We think it's important to continue offering the consumer a diversity of proteins," CEO Ethan Brown stated in an interview. "You'll see, in the coming years, we'll come out with products that have different proteins altogether."

Brown also revealed that Beyond Meat is learning from the actions and behaviors of customers.

Beyond Meat observed that shoppers who usually purchase a wide variety of proteins end up adding items such as fish, beef, and chicken to their selections. According to Beyond Meat, these chicken tenders have about 50% of the fat amount of a standard chicken tender.

Beyond Meat has a rivalry with Impossible Foods in selling these plant-based tenders. Impossible Foods will be distributing the soy-based nuggets at Walmart (WMT  ), Kroger (KR  ), Albertsons (ACI  ), and other grocery stores. In total, there will be 10,000 stores by later in the year. Both of these grocery stores represent the true goals that customers would like to see concerning plant-based burgers.

Beyond Meat burgers were the very first ones to be sold in grocery stores near the standard meat back in 2016, and Impossible Foods had their burgers put on shelves a few years thereafter.

Walmart in particular has decided to grow the Beyond Meat space on shelves. The primary objective is to make the item more easily reachable, have lower prices, and to make known its health benefits.

"If you look at Beyond Meat's strategy, beginning back in 2009, we have never been about the high-end restaurants," Brown stated. "While we appreciate that and understand it's important for our culture, we have always been about providing consumers the food that they love, where they are shopping and for the mainstream. And there's nothing that's more representative of that than Walmart."

Beyond Meat's choice of including meatless chicken tenders in various grocery stores will surely bring about a greater sense of diversity in terms of the types of food that can be eaten. Many customers will surely look forward to having an increasing number of food options, especially those who are vegan or vegetarian, and are unable to include meat in their diets.