Alphabet Inc.'s (GOOG  ) (GOOGL  ) Google today made several announcements around Gemini and its upcoming AI-powered features at its annual I/O developer conference.

What Happened: A year after announcing Gemini, Sundar Pichai-led tech giant revealed that over one and half million developers are using Gemini to build and debug code, get insights and build AI applications

AI Overviews: AI Overviews, a revamped version of Search Generative Experiences will be launched starting today in the United States. AI Overviews has specifically been designed for complex questions that may require multi-step reasoning.

This can be used to perform several tasks such as creating diet plans, organizing trips and more.

AI Overviews will also enable you to use videos to ask questions, be it for troubleshooting something or learning about something that is in front of you.

Google Photos: Google Photos is getting a new feature, Ask Photos. The Ask Photos feature will allow users to enter a question such as "What's my license plate number" and Google Photos will search in your photos and library and share the answer with you.

Google claimed that six billion photos and videos each day are uploaded on Google Photos each day. Gemini can even create summaries and create a package containing photos and videos.

Ask Photos will be rolled out this summer, with more features being added later.

Google Workspace: Gemini will now be able to summarize your emails and create highlights from meetings recorded on Google Meet. It will also allow you to quickly draft replies for emails using a prompt.

Audio Overview: NotebookLM has received a new feature, Audio Overview, which allows you to use files to create a personalized audio guide using the inputs. The Audio Overview feature will also allow the users to pause the guide and ask the AI questions to better understand the topic.

AI Agents: Google also revealed that it is working on making AI more helpful for users. Users will be able to plan their travel, find receipts, search for their phone and even arrange product returns easily.

New Gemini Models: Gemini 1.5 Pro and Flash are now accessible worldwide, spanning more than 200 countries and territories. The pricing is established at $7 for Gemini 1.5 Pro, $3.50 for a maximum of 128K tokens, and Flash is offered at $0.35 for 1 million tokens. Gemini 1.5 Flash is a lightweight model when compared to Gemini Pro. It has been designed to be cost-efficient and fast.

Project Astra: Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis announced Project Astra, a universal AI agent for everyday life. Hassabis claims this is why Gemini will be multimodal as it will enable it to be naturally conversational. According to him, the conversations will feel more natural with Astra.

Music AI Sandbox: Google has also announced a generative music model, the Music AI Sandbox, which has reportedly been developed with songwriters, musicians and producers.

Veo: After generative music, Google has announced Veo, a generative video model, that can create Full HD videos in different cinematic styles using text, image and video prompts. You can also use Veo to further edit the videos using additional prompts. Veo can be used in VideoFX, allowing creators and editors a new way of making videos.

Trillium: Google announced its sixth-gen Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), Trillium, which Pichai said is 4.6 times better than its predecessor. It will be available to cloud customers starting in late 2024.

Google for Workspaces: Side Panel will be available for Google for Workspaces next month. The Gemini-powered Side Panel comes with features such as "help me write" and "help me visualize".

Gemini will also be integrated with Google Meet and is being expanded to 68 languages.

Gmail Mobile: Gmail mobile is getting three new features, which include a summarize button that creates a mobile card from long texts, a Q&A feature to get quick answers using your inbox and suggested replies, which are based on existing email threads.

AI Teammate: An AI Teammate is a Gemini-powered teammate who can be assigned a specific role or a job to make it efficient for the company. It can be assigned to monitor projects and answer questions based on these inputs.

Gems: Users can create "Gems" on the Gemini app. Gems are personal experts that can be created on Gemini to perform actions tailored to whatever you need. Gems will be rolled out in the coming months.

AI Fraud Detection: Google is also working on a new call monitoring feature that will help prevent fraud. This feature will warn a person if the person they are talking to is attempting to fraud them. It will warn users about potential scams and advise them against sending money to unknown callers.