If you thought it's just you who cannot handle snow, fret not, you now have company, even Apple Weather cannot handle it. iPhone users have taken to social media to make fun of it while Apple Inc. (AAPL  ) figures out a fix.

What Happened: Apple Weather has a new bug - it cannot handle snow. Several iPhone users discovered the bug on social media and have also reported that they see a strange but generic file icon instead of snow.

The Apple Weather lock screen widget is displaying a file icon instead of snow. This is happening to users where the weather forecast shows snow for their set location. Other conditions are unaffected by this strange bug.

Instead of complaining, though, iPhone users have been making fun of this Apple Weather bug.

Apparently, Apple Weather is not ready for snow just yet, and neither are some users.

It's not clear yet if this is a server-side issue with Apple Weather, an app issue, or a problem with the latest iOS 17 update itself. Apple has not acknowledged the bug yet, but it should hurry up, given that it's already snow time in several parts of the country.