According to unconfirmed reports, Apple (AAPL  ) is gearing up to unveil its VR headset at its next Worldwide Developer's Conference later this year. This would mark the company's first major hardware product since the Apple Watch which is a smashing success by most company's metrics but only a modest success for Apple.

It's expected that it will be dubbed a 'mixed reality' headset and is expected to be introduced this spring and be available for purchase in June with deliveries in the fall or winter. The device is expected to support virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) purposes and fetch a price tag of $3,000.

This is expected to be Apple's major new product line and is expected to feature some of the newest VR and AR technology which so far has failed to penetrate the mainstream market. Some of the rumors mention the inclusion of advanced eye scanning technology for login and payments, a physical dial for controlling functions, AirPod integration, and a new operating system.

The device is internally dubbed as 'Reality Pro' and has been revealed to select developers so that the device will have an assortment of apps and software when it is finally released. The company has also prioritized releasing 'Reality Pro' by the end of the year which means that it's shifted resources away from its legacy products.

Other than this new headset, there are no expectations about major changes to the Apple lineup, other than the typical annual upgrades to the iPhone, iPad, Macs, AirPods, and Apple Watch. It's expected that iOS17 will also have much fewer changes given the company's primary focus is on launching the headset with a suite of supporting apps.

Some of the incremental upgrades expected in the coming year include the iPad and Macbooks. In 2024, the new iPad Pro is expected to be released in 2024 with an OLED screen. The 15-inch MacBook Air has a new 15.5-inch display and is built with the M2 Ultra Chip. Some upgrades are planned to the HomePod which will get an updated touch control panel and an S8 chip.