AMC Entertainment (AMC  ) recently announced that it would begin taking online bitcoin as means of payment upon the purchase of movie tickets, food, or drinks at any American theater.

Adam Aron, CEO, stated on a recent call that AMC would put IT systems in effect in order to manage the bitcoin mode of payment near the end of 2021.

Aron stated in a tweet this past Wednesday, "Cryptocurrency enthusiasts: you likely know @AMCTheatres has announced we will accept Bitcoin for online ticket and concession payments by year-end 2021. I can confirm today that when we do so, we also expect that we similarly will accept Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash."

Cryptocurrency prices have climbed steadily climbed over the past few weeks, going from approximately $46,000 after going down to $30,000 this past month. In addition, AMC shares have gone up over 4% in the area of extended trading on Monday directly after its earnings report.

AMC's choice of taking cryptocurrencies as a method of payment is just one aspect of its ultimate goal of recovering in the form of raising liquidity to go to more than $2 billion. Some other ways in which AMC is seeking to improve its business, along with the management of cryptocurrencies, is to take up ten new leases with other theaters, other methods of programming, and a new agreement with Warner Brothers (T  ).

AMC consumers will additionally have the option of utilizing Apple Pay (AAPL  ) or Google Pay (GOOGL  ) to make online payments. With the introduction of bitcoin to AMC Entertainment, customers will surely be able to pay for their movie tickets and concessions in a much more convenient and faster way. In turn, this will create more booming business for AMC, given that the level of convenience may draw more consumers to the company itself. It will surely be a unique experience that attracts attention from customers universally.