This coming October, in order to attract holiday customers earlier in the season, Amazon (AMZN  ) intends to host a beauty products event.

The marketing ploy will also hopefully raise Amazon's place in consumer goods category that is growing in popularity, says CNBC. The event is intended to take place around October 4-25.

"We want to draw customers back to Amazon during Black Friday week but also long term with additional marketing levers," Amazon wrote in a slide deck intended to market for the beauty products, CNBC reports. "This is a unique opportunity for selected brands to reach both more shoppers and new customers."

Amazon spokesperson, Catie Kroon, also notified CNBC via email message that the beauty product event would be entitled "Holiday Beauty Haul" and that the website would promote various products, such as perfume fragrances, men's grooming, and winter skin care.

Since the market for beauty products is of particular interest right now, Amazon intends to amp up traffic and put it toward holiday promotions, according to one particular anonymous consultant. This is especially the case, since lately it has featured its "premium beauty" division in order to promote more "high-end" items. Amazon has also recently come out with an indie beauty shop in order to call attention to new and previous brands. Additionally, Amazon has come out with specialized hair care sections and its own skin care line.

One reason that the beauty section has been of particular interest to Amazon as of late is because it is attempting to create variety and to thus, attract more customers. Consumers have been more frequently utilizing online platforms throughout the past year and a half in order to purchase beauty products. Online makeup sales have skyrocketed, increasing by approximately 40% from the year 2020.

With Amazon's new beauty products event, it will surely allure consumers who are looking for ways to spend money during the holidays. It will also give customers the opportunity to explore various options when it comes to skin care, health, and beauty. Overall, the event may snag consumers' interests, especially when it comes to viewing Amazon as means of accessing an already growing field.