Over the past several years, and months especially, Amazon (AMZN  ) has been working to find ways to become more appealing to customers so as to snag their attention and gain more business. Throughout this period of the pandemic, Amazon has been particularly aware of the nature of their business and ways in which it can be improved upon.

One way that Amazon desires to keep business rolling is through the creation of a program called Build It, which allows customers to have a significant say in the types of products that Amazon creates. With this Kickstater-like program, Amazon will take true ownership over what they envision for their customers.

The key concepts behind the launch of the Build It program include items such as smart sticky note printers ($89.99), smart nutrition scales ($34.99), and smart cuckoo clocks ($79.99), all working in conjunction with the built-in device of Alexa. As part of the process of coming up with these inventive ideas, the consumers will only be responsible for paying for the items if the product is successfully developed and is able to ship. If all of these premade concepts reach their pre-order goals voted by consumers, then the items will likely be built and shipped out to the preorder backers. The amount of time that consumers are required to have to receive support for their products is 30 days in order for them to be successful and to ship.

The Build It program will additionally gauge popularity or level of interest among consumers. And although Amazon will not state the amount of monetary value that that these items need in order to be brought about, progress bars will be demonstrated in order to exemplify how much progress is being made. Although this is just a fresh start for Amazon in terms of innovation, creativity, and productivity, they are taking on an entirely new level in the business world, ensuring both the satisfaction of customers as well as the effectiveness of the company.