There are a total of four IPO's on the schedule this week. Most of them are focused in the biotech sector and one is a China-based fashion website. There are a few names becoming eligible to launch this week, which could help diversify the offerings for IPO investors.

The first and biggest of the week will be Moderna (MRNA  ). This offering could potentially be the largest IPO in the biotech space in history. Moderna is based in Cambridge, MA, and is focused on developing therapies based on their mRNA platform. They show almost $200 million in diversified revenue over the last year. They'll be offering 21.7 million shares in hopes of raising $500 million. Shares are set to be offered at a range of $22 -$24, which could give them a valuation of over $8 billion.

Next is Synthorx (NASDAQ  ), which is also in the biotech space. The company is focused on therapies for tumors and some focused autoimmune disorders. They are still in the preclinical stage, but will offer 9.1 million shares at a range of $10 -$12 in hopes of raising $100 million. 75% of the offering has already been accounted for by company insiders and other investors.

MOGU (MOGU  ) is a Chinese company offering an online marketplace focused on the fashion industry. The company has $140 million in sales over the last year and plans to offer 4.75 million shares. Look for shares to be priced around the $14 -$16 range. If successful, the company will raise $71 million and have a valuation of $1.6 billion.

Lastly we have DiaMedica Therapeutics (DMAC  ) which is the smallest biotech offering of the week. The Minneapolis, MN-based company is currently in phase 2 of trials for their acute ischemic stroke and kidney disease therapy. The company is currently listed on the over-the-counter markets, but hopes raise $18 million on the Nasdaq. They're looking to offer 4 million shares at a range of $4 - $5.