Online video sharing and social media platform, YouTube (GOOGL  ) has recently launched a new method for users to give money to creators. The feature is called "Super Thanks," and acts as a "permanent tip jar" for each video that is created, similar to other third-party platforms like Patreon. It is essentially a way for users to express their appreciation of videos that have been created and to support their favorite YouTube channels.

YouTube had been beta-testing the feature for several months, and, beginning this week, it will go to thousands of other creators. It will be available in 68 countries on desktop, Android, and iOS devices. Users will additionally be able to give money in four separate quantities, which are: $2, $5, $10, and $50.

Although these are the only payment choices that are currently available, the option of manually placing in other payment amounts is "definitely something that we would be interested in looking to add," said Barbara Macdonald, product manager of paid digital goods at YouTube, to The Verge.

YouTube will ultimately take 30% of the money that has been earned from the Super Thanks tip jar. Super Thanks is now the fourth choice that YouTube has made in order to pay the creators firsthand. YouTube also provides channel memberships, which enables the creators to supply monthly subscriptions. Super Stickers and Super Chat are other options that YouTube has in order to leave tips in the chat throughout livestreams.

"Just like Super Chat and Super Stickers, Super Thanks does double duty for creators: keeping their connections with (super) fans meaningful, while also giving them a new way to make money," stated Neal Mohan, YouTube's chief product officer, in a blog post.

The Super Thanks tip jar, a new means of providing viewers to express their appreciation toward YouTube video content by paying the creators of the videos, will be a good way for YouTube creators to earn some extra income while enjoying the process of making their videos.