It seems like just a few years ago that everyone was quite concerned with Wal-Mart (WMT  ). Not that their concerns were not justified, but many thought that they would suffer at the hands of their biggest rival Amazon (AMZN  ). Now there is no arguing that Amazon is a dominant force and Wal-Mart has a worthy adversary, their recent earnings results show that they are not too big to compete quickly. If Amazon wanted to compete, Wal-Mart was not going to go down without a fight.

Wal-mart reported earnings Thursday that beat analysts expectations which caused shares to spike a whopping 11%. The company also stated that they would be guiding higher going forward due to strong in store sales. See the company has been making moves to get customers back in their stores. Just this week it was uncovered that they were testing the idea of raising prices online on certain staple items. The hopes was that the consumer would come to the store for the lower price.

Even though they made adjustments to their online platform it still out performed which investors loved. Their online sales jumped 50% which, to be fair was driven in part by acquisitions, but don't discount them for that. The company has added tons of products on it's site and the earnings report is a good look at how loyal their customers have been. When everyone thinks that Amazon is the only game in town, Wal-Mart has the numbers that say otherwise.

From a technical perspective you can't ask for much better if you are a bull. Shares have steadily moved higher and every pullback has been short lived. Thursday's move was the largest of the year and in the short term, technical traders will be a bit concerned with price extension, but with fundamentals that show they can compete with even the fiercest rival, the grass looks pretty green for now.