For the upcoming Super Bowl event for this year, Verizon Communications (VZ  ) plans to spend $80 million in order to expand upon the Super Bowl experience for consumers, whether live or from the comfort of one's own home.

The company has reported that the introduction of its 5G SuperStadium in the NFL app will deliver a unique experience for viewers everywhere, and that it is joining forces with Epic Games in order to enjoy a virtual rendition of the game in Fortnite Creative.

The Verizon 5G Stadium in Fortnite Creative will give users the chance to interact with their favorite NFL players and pro gamers in unexpected ways. The feature will also give players an opportunity to play four football-inspired game as well as a few hidden surprises on game day. The company stated that the stadium was built utilizing the low lag and high speeds made possible through its 5G network.

Verizon is also making the Super Bowl experience more exciting by featuring popular performing artists such as Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, and Miley Cyrus in virtual concerts. These performances will be done in order to support small businesses and to unify small communities that may have been previously divided.

One other way that Verizon hopes to connect with consumers is through the feature of viewing the game through various camera angles, available only through the iPhone 12 (AAPL  ). This particular feature will allow consumers to further engage with and view the game from an up-close and personal lens in AR overlays.

"With 5G, we are beginning to see the transformation of various industries and the innovation that comes with it," said Diego Scotti, CMO of Verizon, in a press release. "Reimagining live events is one of the best cases for the power of 5G. During a year like this one, it is a thrill to transform the Super Bowl experience by creating a first-of-its-kind virtual stadium in Fortnite that brings a new level of gaming to life, while at the same time we're innovating the in-stadium experience."

Diego adds that viewers are only searching for a bit of "entertainment" and "escapism," and that there is hope even in the midst of all the chaos that is caused by the trouble of the coronavirus pandemic.