In recent Uber (UBER  ) news, the ride-hailing company is launching a new subscription service, Uber One, which calls attention to Uber's gradual change to food and grocery delivery, particularly throughout the pandemic.

Uber One, which comes at a price of $9.99 per month and $49.99 per year, will enable members to receive unique benefits. Some of these benefits include guaranteed pricing on deliveries as well as discounts on "eligible" rides, food, and grocery deliveries.

Uber One members will not need to give delivery fees for takeout food or groceries. They will obtain access to the highest rated couriers and drivers, and receive $5 back on any delivery that is late. Members will also receive "exclusive perks," such as many different types of promotions or "invite-only experiences."

Uber One is geared toward Uber's most frequented, highest value customers. Essentially, they are geared toward customers who accumulate enough rides or deliveries so that they can, in the end, save money on Uber One. Uber endorses high amounts of usage while at the same time gathering a steady amount of money.

In comparison to services such as DoorDash (DASH  ) or Lyft (LYFT  ), Uber will be ahead of the game, since both of these services focus only on one service category.

"We want our customers to experience firsthand how Uber can make their every day more effortless," said Awaneesh Verma, head of Membership at Uber, in a press statement. "Uber One offers elevated access to all of Uber: rides, delivery, and groceries. Members get preferred pricing, premium support, and surprise and delight perks that can make every day more fun."

Some of the other features of Uber One include: unlimited free delivery pricings on orders over $15 and $30 grocery orders; Uber One Promise (members will receive $5 in Uber Cash on eligible deliveries if Latest Estimate arrival is incorrect); and so on.

Overall, Uber One will be a fresh commodity that allures members toward increased access to many of its features. Rides, deliveries, and groceries are all features of Uber One that will attract customers to utilize the services that Uber provides, and to view it as being a step above other services.