General Motors (GM  ) recently announced that they would release an all-electric Hummer SUV that will top $110,000 when it goes on sale in 2023. Titled "Edition 1 SUV," the price will begin at $105,595 and then spike to $110,595, available in only the "Extreme Off-Road Package." The pricing, however, will change depending upon the range, performance, and battery size.

"The GMC Hummer EVs were envisioned to be the most capable and compelling electric supertrucks ever," said Duncan Aldred, global vice president of GMC, in a statement.

The new Hummer EV has a 350-mile range, 1,000 HP, and up to 11,500 feet of torque. It may be able to hit 60 mph in around three seconds, and has all-wheel steering, which can permit it to drive diagonally in "Crabwalk mode." It comes with 35-inch tires and could potentially have 37-inch tires. Self-driving technology, Super Cruise, is also another big part of the truck, thus allowing users to drive partly through the machine, partly by themselves.

The battery pack contains an 800-volt charging system that will enable the vehicle 100 miles within ten minutes of charging. Extreme amounts of comfort and range may be sacrificed, but the large "MT" tires may pound against off-road surfaces and provide the grip that is necessary in order to move through any type of mud or snow.

In making the car strictly electric, General Motors has headed down a path that could be an enormous change for them. General Motors began an EV push in the '90s with the EV1, which was rekindled in 2010 with the Volt. The spirit of the Hummer EV, which is now moving forward into the course of the future, has a great deal of events to look forward to.

The unleashing of this new vehicle by General Motors will challenge drivers to step outside their comfort zones, to find vehicles that are both "capable and compelling" in every way.