Target (TGT  ) is attempting to garner the attention of holiday shoppers early this shopping season by promising them that they will receive the lowest prices on gifts.

From October 10 to December 24, holiday shoppers will be able to ask for price adjustments for the first time on any product that has been bought at Target, particularly if Target decides to lower the price at a later time in the season. Within 14 days that a customer buys an item, Target will match with competitors' prices.

Some of Target's other competitors are Walmart (WMT  ), Amazon (AMZN  ), and Macy's (M  ), and Target is competing for shopper interest over these companies.

Holiday shoppers are additionally being told to shop much earlier on so that they can add the products to their wish lists before all the items get sold out. For this upcoming holiday season, according to Salesforce (CRM  ), customer prices are predicted to go up by approximately 20%. COVID-19 has been the cause of many kinds of disturbances within the supply chain, however.

Target is ultimately going to begin its holiday season with "deal days" that take place online as well as in stores from October 10-12. The deals will be made available via the Target app as well as through physical Target locations across the United States.

"As we approach the holiday season, guests are excited to shop early, and our team is ready to help them prepare so they can celebrate what matters most - time with family and friends," stated Christina Hennington, executive vice president of Target, in a press release this past Wednesday.

With the release of sales throughout Target's holiday season, the retail corporation will surely create a newfound sense of interest from customers in specific departments. With further created competition among other retail corporations, shopper interest will be gained, leading to a win-win situation with both Target and its consumers.