In recent Taco Bell (QSR  ) news, the fast food chain has decided to run a subscription service, with focus primarily on consumers buying more tacos.

Consumers who have the Taco Lover's Pass will be able to make an order of one crunchy, soft, spicy potato soft, or Doritos Locos taco each day for 30 days in a row on the app. Prices range from $5 to $10 per month, depending on the restaurant's location, according Taco Bell.

Similar to what other restaurants, such as Panera and Burger King, are doing, Taco Bell is planning on obtaining regular visits from customers, which would ideally develop throughout the 30-day period. The mentality behind the move by Taco Bell is that because one taco likely is not enough for most consumers, they will desire to add more to their orders. This particular subscription can also motivate more customers when it comes to downloading and utilizing the Taco Bell app.

Over a year ago, the company released a consumer loyalty program via the app. The subscription adds to the loyalty program, and also has benefits when it comes to offering various senses of value and establishing solid digital customer bases.

"By having the infrastructure in place to create digital connections, quick-service brands can understand their customers better and create offers and incentives that deliver that value and keep subscriptions active," said Sean Keith, director of new business development at SaaS technology company, Eagle Eye, regarding this matter, quoted by QSR Magazine. "That one-to-one relationship, if managed properly, can shore up revenues through the recovery and well into the new normal."

Taco Bell's new subscription service, specifically intended to create traction and a sense of variety when it comes to ordering tacos, will surely attract a wider expanse of customers than it previously had. Establishing digital connections is important to Taco Bell in this particular project, as well as understanding consumer preferences.

In the end, the program will provide a new way of looking at ordering Taco Bell food late at night.