Starbucks Corp (NASDAQ: SBUX)

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Tech Stocks Prop Up Markets The markets were mixed on the day, with tech stocks and oil helping but changes to the Dow hurting. The Dow 30 was lower on the day by 45, the S&P 500 gained 4, and the Nasdaq 10...
Amazon Wins Seattle Fight Over Housing Crisis Tax Big business won in Seattle this past week.Back in May, Seattle tried to implement a "head tax," which would be levied against big businesses, to raise...
Nasdaq becomes the first of the major 3 indices to make it back to highs. The markets had a mixed day today with the Nasdaq 100 leading the way. The Dow 30 was lower by 13, the S&P 500 gained 2, and the Nasdaq 100, supported by names like Netflix, adde...
Markets start the week with strong sell off. The markets sold off sharply today thanks to a slew of news from around the world including political drama in Italy, ongoing trade talks with China, as well as economic crisis i...
Stocks ease off highs as Trump tweets. The markets enjoyed a strong day to start the week. Strong moves initially out of oil as well as tech and the financials pushed the markets higher. The Dow 30 was higher by 93, t...
About as good as it gets today. The markets headed higher today as earnings from after the bell yesterday, along with this morning pushed investors back in. The Dow 30 was higher by 240, the S&P 500 added 27 an...
Starbucks, Disney Join Companies Giving Employee Bonuses Two more large companies have announced employee bonuses in the wake of Trump's tax cuts: Disney
Regret a Missed Investment Opportunity? This Chart Breaks Down What Could Have Been As we start off the new year, suggests that we look back to the stock market of the past...
Netflixs' New Years Resolution Sends Stock Soaring The markets traded extremely quiet today ahead of the New Year holiday. The Dow 30 was higher by 62, the Nasdaq 100 added 10, and the S&P 500 gained 4. As of now, it seems that t...
Dollar Menu 2.0: Why McDonald's is Reviving Deep Discounts McDonald's (MCD&nbsp...

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