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News and Commentary
ByteDance Walks Away From TikTok Deal With Oracle Given the craziness of the past few months in terms of politics and economics, it's easy to forgive the confusion and anticipation of the TikTok deal. To recap, TikTok is the fas...
Companies Form Coalition to Support Immunization Passport Plans Several prominent American companies are throwing their support behind plans to roll out digital immunization passports as COVID-19 vaccines are distributed worldwide. The World...
Company Profile: C3AI C3AI (AI 
Negotiations Continue Over TikTok Deal, Walmart Hosts First Live-Shopping Event A few months ago, everyone was paying attention to the TikTok saga. The app had been exploding in popularity especially during the pandemic and among young people. It's quickly b...
Reddit Acquires Tiktok Competitor Dubsmash According to an announcement made by the company, social media and discussion board Reddit is set to acquire TikTok competitor Dubsmash. Dubsmash has experienced relatively sound...
TikTok Expansion and Shopify Deal Proceed as U.S. Deal Remains Uncertain TikTok had its claim to infamy when President Trump threatened to ban it citing security concerns over the Chinese app. ByteDance, TikTok's parent company, has deals in the works...
Google and Oracle Face Off at Supreme Court Tech giants Google (GOOGL
What Walmart Gains from Stake in TikTok TikTok is still battling a coming ban in the United States, partnering with Oracle
European Union Seeking to Expand Powers Against Tech Giants The European Union is seeking to expand its disciplinary powers against U.S. tech giants in a move that could grant the intergovernmental union the power to go as far as kicking...
Market Update: Rise in Global Coronavirus Cases Reignites Investment Fears Stocks took a dive throughout Monday's session as a resurgence in coronavirus and lockdown fears, as well as uncertainty about further U.S. fiscal stimulus, destabilized market g...

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