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News and Commentary
Oil Rally Fuels Energy Sector's Outperformance Over Tech, Challenges 2023 AI Dominance Energy stocks have remarkably outperformed their tech counterparts over the past three months. The driving force behind this surge? A resounding oil rally.
Halliburton Under Scrutiny for $7.1M Equipment Trade With Russia, Eyebrows Raised Questions are being raised about the trade relationship between U.S. oil and gas companies and Russia following the revelation that equipment worth over $7.1 million from Hallibu...
Rising Stars, Falling Trends: July's Industry ETF Winners and Losers As July comes to an end, it's time to take a look at the best- and worst-performing industry ETFs for the month.Among the largest ETFs that represent ma...
Rising Oil Prices Drive Energy ETFs Higher Energy has been one of the top performing sectors in recent weeks, as sanctions on Russia by the U.S. and much of Europe has triggered a global oil-supply shock as the nation is...
ETF performance this week. The markets started off the week with a strong push higher on Chinese economic news. The S&P 500
Stock Market Mixed but Holds Gains The markets were mixed today on a handful of news that split the major indices. The Dow 30 closed lower by 78 thanks in part to Walgreens lowering their outlook for the year. The...
Markets Pull Back Off Highs The markets continue to hover near highs as investors are content to simply hold on at these levels. Today investors responded to the lack of a deal between Trump and Kim out of...
Understanding the different areas of the oil market. Oil has been on fire lately and it may have you considering an investment there. Here are some different areas of the oil market that have great ETF's that may let you diversify....
Markets Finish Higher Thanks to Oil The markets broke their losing streak after the Dow was able to close in the positive (+119) for the first time in 9 days. The strong move in the oil sector propped up Dow, with...
Market Volatility Not Calming Just Yet The markets started this week in a hurry to try and erase last week's gain. The S&P 500

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