JC Penney Co Inc (NYSE: JCP)

current price
0.09 | 2.34%
0.09 | 2.34%
Yesterday's Close
10.78 M
30d. avg volume.
13.31 M
1 day
3.84 - 4.02
52 weeks
2.35 - 7.13
market cap
1.20 B
dividend yield
Department Stores
News and Commentary
Investors Cheer on Cyber-Monday The markets struggled to gain any traction today as investors focused on the retail sector. Cyber Monday was the main draw, and sent the retail sector mostly higher for the day....
When your stock gets downgraded. When you build a portfolio that includes stocks it's very likely that you will encounter a move higher or lower that you just didn't expect. Sometimes it happens because Wall Str...
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Markets break records thanks to earnings. The markets roared to new record highs to wrap up the week as earnings from big tech names fueled another push by the bulls. The Dow 30 was higher by 31, and the S&P 50...
Markets recover some of Thursday's losses. The markets attempted to recover some of yesterday's losses and showed modest gains across the board. The Dow 30 was higher by 14, the S&P 500 added 3, and the N...
What jobs will be eliminated in the next 10 years? Given the rise of technology, the average human's life has been made easier and longer. Nevertheless, there is a downside to the introduction of computers: a declining number of...
Markets show more wide range trading. The Nasdaq 100 led the markets lower today as tech stocks took the day off. The selling pressure among tech stocks was enough to outweigh the 2% bounce in oil. The Nasd...
Is the future of retail over, thanks to Amazon? The days when people took trips to the mall in search of a new sweater, the latest CD or the newest book, have been replaced by silent scrolling on a multitude of websites for th...
Markets end the week mixed. The markets were mixed yet again as financials could not get a good day in today. The Dow 30 was lower by 2, the S&P 500 added 3, and the Nasdaq 100 was high...

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