Leading social and secondhand retailer marketplace, Poshmark (POSH  ) has recently announced that it has come out with a Pets category in order to fulfill the needs and wants of those who are pet owners and are looking for ways to shop and sell secondhand products.

As of today, 67% of Americans are pet owners, according to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, and over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, the amount of pet owners has been increasing dramatically as people are spending more time at home and are moving away from the city into single family homes.

The overall community of Poshmark is also growing due to an increased interest in secondhand apparel from consumers, with the company also demonstrating the importance of having a social marketplace where consumers can connect as they shop.

The new Pets category will appeal to many different types of animals, which include dogs, cats, and reptiles. They will try to appeal to the pets in ways that make life more fun-filled for both the pets and the owners. A strong sense of community and joy will be created with this new Poshmark launch, thus causing bonds to be formed between pets and owners.

"Many members of the Poshmark community are proud pet owners, myself included, and it's important that our social marketplace addresses the needs of the entire family," stated Tracy Sun, co-founder and senior vice president at Poshmark, in a press release. "We're excited to offer pet owners a fun and social way to shop, sell and connect in a way that builds community, considers personal styles and budgets, and drives sustainability."

Some of the specific items that Poshmark will be selling are toys, leashes, harnesses, beds, and costumes for pets.

Poshmark is a company that typically sells secondhand clothing for men, women, kids, and home supplies, but with this new launching of a pets category, it will likely become more memorable and lasting in the company as a whole. It will become more broad-minded and encompass a wide variety of categories, so as to boost sales in various platforms within Poshmark.

Although the pandemic seems to have caused difficulties in various ways, Poshmark sees enormous potential in the establishment of a pets category.