Nvidia (NVDA  ) announced last week that it will come out with a new set of semiconductors that have been made just for mining the cryptocurrency, ether, and this new type of chip is referred to as 'CMP,' or Cryptocurrency Mining Processor.

The process of ether mining, like the mining of other cryptocurrencies, occurs when computers are able to solve mathematical equations to help run the Ethereum network, with the miners rewarded with ether digital coins for the work. Most ether mining runs best on graphic cards by PC gamers that are in real scarcity due to pandemic-related supply chain disruptions and increased demand.

Nvidia's plans to release the new chip, as part of the gaming graphics cards series (RTX 3060), would not be introduced until later in the year, so the way that it mines ether would not be completely effective just yet. But this type of ether mining differs from that of other ether mining in many ways.

In order to pertain to the desires, needs, and wants of the Ethereum mining industry, the Nvidia CMP (Cryptocurrency Mining Processor) has most recently been introduced. CMP products differ from other forms of mining, in that they do not display any type of graphics, and are utilized for the optimum levels of performance and effectiveness. They do not have any display outputs, thus improving the amount of airflow during the mining process (and overall level of performance).

Having these new types of chips will surely change the type of business of Nvidia as well as the level of gaming that is coming about. It will provide a higher demand for the gaming process as a whole, as well as evoke more curiosity concerning its marketability and ability to remain popular.

"CMP products - which don't do graphics - are sold through authorized partners and optimized for the best mining performance and efficiency," said Matt Wuebbling, head of GeForce marketing at Nvidia, in a press release.

Ultimately, Nvidia's vision for success will be proven with time, performing in unexpected ways that challenge consumers to either commit or back away from the product lines.