Recently, Nike (NKE  ) announced that it would collaborate with the video game company Roblox (RBLX  ) in order to make its own virtual world called "NIKELAND" as part of Roblox's online gaming system as the retail brand plans to enter the Metaverse.

The virtual world of NIKELAND will include a wide variety of features, some of them being Nike buildings, field and arenas for players to play against one another in different mini-games, which can include tag, dodgeball, or "The Floor is Lava."

The virtual game takes after the company's live headquarters, and for the time being, NIKELAND will be free of charge. After some period of time has passed, the company intends to incorporate "in-play" moments that would mimic global sporting events.

Some examples of this include soccer events held during a World Cup and flag football games that take place during the Super Bowl. Nike has revealed that it plans to make improvements to the virtual world by including athlete and item integration.

There are also many special features in NIKELAND, one of the most popular being that it endorses higher levels of activity among visitors. Any NIKELAND visitor will be able to utilize features such as accelerometers on their mobile devices in order to make the transition between offline to online play. For instance, it is possible for users to move their devices and bodies in live action in order to set up appealing in-game moves, such as long jumps or speed runs.

Another popular feature of NIKELAND is that of a digital showroom, which would permit users to decorate their Nikeland avatars with specific Nike products. Products such as the Air Force 1, Nike Blazer, Air Force 1 Fontanka, or the Air Max 2021 will all be items that can be found in the digital showroom, in addition to other Nike apparel staples, such as ACG and Nike Tech Pack.

The making of NIKELAND will surely bring a good deal of creativity and sense of authenticity to the company of Nike that had never been previously found before. Consumers will be naturally more drawn to Nike since its teaming up with Roblox. The collaboration will surely prove to be beneficial in a variety of ways, both practically and creatively, and will encourage users to accelerate their level of physical activity in ways that they previously had not.