On Thursday, Netflix (NFLX  ) was reported to have signed a Chinese hit costume drama series "The Untamed". This show will soon be available on the video streaming site.

Named Chén Qínglìng in Chinese, this popular Chinese show is adapted from a collection of novels and animated series, and sees Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan playing mystical "cultivators" from two different worlds thrust together to solve multiple murder mysteries.

The Untamed has garnered tremendous positive reviews and reception. Now there is evidence that its success and popularity are not just confined to China, but also growing overseas in countries such as Japan, Korea and South East Asia.

The show will stream on Netflix (NFLX  ) starting on October 25. Media and fans are all curious to observe how this show will perform in the global market, particularly in North America.

Despite unknown prospect and viewership in America, Chinese entertainment media believe that it is already an achievement for The Untamed to reach a broader international audience because Netflix (NFLX  ) is a top streaming platform with significant market share in both North America and Europe.

On the other hand, Netflix, the No.1 global streaming giant, has been consistently growing its Chinese-language content with reportedly six new licensed titles arriving in the second half of 2019.

Among those series is a Netflix Original series. On October 31, Netflix will release its first Chinese-language original series, Nowhere Man. The Taiwanese production follows a prisoner on death row, A Quan (played by Joseph Chang), who is portrayed in multiple timelines through his dreams recalling the scene of his crime. He finds a way to break out of prison after his wife (played by Alyssa Chia), asks him to do so to exchange his life for that of their son, who has been taken hostage.

Netflix is not permitted by China to operate its video streaming platform in the country. But it nevertheless perceives an appetite for Chinese-language content that can be accessed by international audiences, viewers in Chinese-speaking parts of Asia, and overseas Chinese. In addition to Nowhere Man, Netflix has plans for other Chinese-language original series including Triad Princess and The Ghost Bride. These shows are expected to launch over the next few weeks in November.